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Jewellery Design & Artificial Intelligence: Explore New Design Horizons
1.5-hour | $20 (U.P. $120)

Experience Jewellery Design

Weekly Sessions Conducted Exclusively At The National Design Centre

Have you marvelled at captivating AI-generated jewellery designs that have been showing up all over social media these days? Do you also wish to learn the tips and tricks to generating fantastical design images of your own?

With the support of the Design Singapore Council, JDMIS is conducting this 1.5 hour hands-on workshop at a subsidised rate to inspire you to explore new design horizons. In this informative workshop, you’ll learn how to prompt a diffusion model to produce a variety of creative AI-generated jewellery designs. You’ll also gain an understanding of the art of prompt engineering and the limitations of AI when creating jewellery. See for yourself how AI-generated designs can inspire creativity and discover how you can make AI work for you in your work and daily life!

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Prompting a Diffusion Model to Produce Exquisite Jewellery Designs

AI generated topaz ring
AI generated digital pendant
AI generated pink pendant

The Instructor

Alex Zupancich

Alex has been training designers and business owners from the region in 3D jewellery design and manufacturing since 2008: building the CAD/CAM skills of over 400 jewellery professionals. He graduated from Duke University with a Bachelors’degree in Computer Science, Marketing and Management and from INSEAD with a Masters’ Degree in Business Administration.


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Founded in 2007, the Jewellery Design and Management International School (JDMIS) is a unique school in Asia providing Jewellery Design and Management Programs. JDMIS is Singapore’s only specialized jewellery school and offers end-to-end jewellery education, which includes Professional Certificate Courses leading to Diploma and Advanced Diploma. 

JDMIS welcomes industry professionals, jewellery enthusiasts and students with a passion for jewellery to explore the world of Jewellery Design, Fabrication and Business.

15 Years of Operation

20K Participants

5,000 Certified graduates

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From Past Participants

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I have gone to quite a few courses, this is the first time I meet a teacher with was so much patience.

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It's a great and useful course... The course content is very well curated.

Experience the power of AI in jewellery Design

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