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Master the staples of professional designs

You will learn about jewellery terms, a designer's tools, basic drawing techniques and various methods to become more productive with creative idea generation.

13 HD-quality lessons to get you started

Understand the different types of jewellery

Basic drawing techniques

Sketching & Tracing

Tips to enhance creativity and productivity

Enlarging, reducing, distorting of designs

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Unleash your inner

Jewellery Artist


This is the first of the 5-module Online Classical Jewellery Design 1 Certificate. You will learn the basics of tracing and various creative drawing, sketching techniques as well as tip and tricks that will enable you to come up with endless ideas and produce stunning results.


Founded by renown jewellery artist, Tanja Sadow, The Jewellery Design and Management International School is the only educational institution in Singapore to focus exclusively on the jewellery arts and the largest specialized jewellery school in Singapore and South-East Asia.

50% OFF!

Your special one-time offer: 100 SGD(≈ 75 USD)