Professional Certificate: Classical Jewellery Design I

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Course introduction video


Great design is the foundation of high-value jewellery. This course aims to give students the necessary foundations to develop aesthetic appreciation, high standards and skills in creative drawing and essential jewellery knowledge.
This course is entirely online and consists of 5 progressive modules.

What you’ll get:

  • 22 hours of HD video content
  • Expert instructor
  • Assignment grading and feedback (Worth $200)
  • Modular progression, unlock content as you go
  • Professional Certificate awarded by JDMIS

Course instructor

Tanja is an award winning jewellery designer with more than 4 decades of experience educating the jewellery industry across 4 continents. Dean and founder of JDMIS, Tanja works with aspiring artisans as well as top jewellery brand team members to help them achieve brilliance in their careers. Read More

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Course materials

Students of this online course can choose to buy the materials themselves or click here to buy the whole toolkit set from us.

This is the same kit that our students receive when they attend class in person at JDMIS. As a participant of this online design course, you have the fuss-free option of purchasing this Course Kit online, and have it delivered so that you’ll also have all the drawing materials needed to complete your coursework. Alternatively, you may also choose to source for the required tools and materials yourself.




Professional Certification

This online programme is adapted from JDMIS’ most popular Certificate Course, Classical Jewellery Design 1 – Creative Drawing and Essential Jewellery Knowledge. It will cover the same topics and confer the same Professional Certification as the one in class (after successfully completing the final test).


Topics Covered:

Module 1 jewellery design cover image


Take the first step as a jewellery designer by learning about jewellery terms, a designer's tools, and basic drawing techniques and methods of creative idea generation.

Jewellery Design module 2 cover image


Major Forms are the essential building blocks of realistic drawing. Use major forms to simplify complex designs into components, making it easier for you to translate creative ideas into stunning drawings.

Jewellery design module 3 cover image


Learn about the different gemstone cutting styles, how you can draw each of them systematically and accurately as well as how to estimate the cost of the gemstones used in your designs.

Jewellery design module 4 cover image


Learn the myriad ways designers can 'set' their gems into jewellery, draw different setting styles, and how the jewellers convert and manufacture your drawings into real jewellery!

Jewellery design module 5 cover image


Understanding common design principles to evaluate and plan your jewellery lines. We wrap up all of the content and recommend your next steps to practice and implement the skills you have learned.

Click here to Start with Module 1 – Tracing and Basic Techniques

14 reviews for Professional Certificate: Classical Jewellery Design I

  1. Bonnie B.

    Sketching and tracing are fantastic for realising design ideas, the knowledge on setting and findings would be super helpful for general awareness.

  2. Kasvi T.

    JDMIS is is a brilliant institute for someone looking out to pursue their career in gems and jewellery. The course that I did (Jewellery Design) is superb and very interesting!

  3. Li Ling

    Very clear step-by-step on the techniques and skills and lots of useful and revelant content.

  4. Soon Ping M.

    Focused content and lots of guided practical steps. Content is well explained.

  5. Kate L.

    Skills like technical drawing help me understand more about the design and making of a piece of jewellery, which I can in turn even use to help me better communicate with customers.

  6. Maho F.

    All good reviews. I would recommend to people regardless of their background in art/design or lack of because it is well explained and very much geared to the individual students.

  7. Jessica K.

    Professional, very industry specific , fun!

  8. Daryna K.

    I think I can apply technical details to create designs and do more drawings that are understandable to manufacturer.

  9. Saiful A.

    I can now communicate better with my craftsmen to work on my personalised designs.

  10. Eileen K.

    Good teaching of techniques that enabled me to understand better how to be creative using tracing. Professional and up-to-date

  11. Valarmathi P.

    The skills will and can be applied for all purposes, training me on patience, accuracy and eye for details

  12. Monica L.

    I will be more precise when it comes to all details in a jewellery design creating process.

  13. Neelam L.

    All seems perfect to me. The teaching and course material all are well planned.

  14. Yamin S.

    Good place to test the waters if you are keen on jewellery-making.

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