Unboxing Your Course Materials

Unboxing your course materials

In this lesson, Tanja goes through the tools and materials that are needed for you to complete this course effectively.u00a0

In the first topic, Tanja unboxes the JDMIS Exclusive Course Kit, which is the same one that students receive when they attend class in person at JDMIS. As a participant of this online design course, you have the option of purchasing this Course Kit and have it delivered so that you’ll also have all the drawing materials needed to complete your coursework.

The second topic explores some alternatives and substitutes for materials, should you wish to source for the required tools and materials yourself instead.u00a0u00a0

Click to download the associated digital handout for this lesson here:


Or if you have a printed copy of the Learner Guide, please refer to Section 1.1.1, pages 4 to 5 of the Guide.

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