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Exceptional Jewellery Education

Now you can participate in JDMIS’
jewellery course lineup from anywhere in the world!

Skills Focussed

Decades of experience in professional skills training online & in-class

Internationally Recognised

Courses lead to recognized qualifications with pathways to industry & academia

Premium Materials

Use your own tools or purchase materials kits just like the instructor will use!

Our Most Popular Courses, Now online!

For over a decade, you have been able to visit Singapore and complete specialized jewellery training unrivaled in the region. Now Tanja and her team at JDMIS are taking the training programmes offered to the jewellery industry and making them accessible to everyone - without compromising on quality or support.


With an established, accessible and recognised curriculum, JDMIS provides its graduates with expert guidance, up-to-date knowledge, access to a global network of jewellery professionals and, most importantly, a fun, creative environment to learn! With the advent of JDMIS’ online training, you can participate in our award-winning courses from anywhere in the world while maintaining the flexibility to update your skills with our in-class activities whenever you visit Singapore. 

Tanja M. Sadow — Founder & Dean

Founded by award-winning jewellery educator Tanja Sadow, every course taught at JDMIS – online or in class – is lead by experts in their field with decades of industry and training experience. This ensures your training is clear, concise and optimally designed and delivered.

JDMIS is trusted to train the jewellery industry. With clients from international jewellery brands like Cartier and Louis Vuitton, local and regional jewellery companies and partnerships with design, national workforce development and creative agencies – you are assured that the skills you learn are timely, industry relevant and of the highest standard.

Like all JDMIS graduates, you will have lifetime access to your course content and will be free to return to refresh your skills next month, next year or next decade! Ensuring your skills remain up-to-date!

You want MORE than an ‘online course’! 
JDMIS online programmes connect seamlessly to our in-class curricula, allowing you to progress to professional certifications, diploma and advanced diploma qualifications, and even external degree programmes.

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What Our Students Have to Say

Awesome training. Systematic, methodical and easy to follow!
Kelvin Black
From Dallas, USA
I attended numerous courses and loved the instructors and the skills I learned. JDMIS has equipped me with the skills and confidence to succeed in jewellery.
Zasha Swan
From Australia
I am now an award winning jewellery designer thanks to Tanja and her team at JDMIS! Thank you!
Frank Senagawa
From Japan
I have attended training myself and sent multiple staff to improve their skills and knowledge. The content is relevant and immediately usable.
Jack Tan
From Singapore