FJ100 Fashion Jewellery Toolkits


Embark on your journey to becoming a fashion jewellery artisan with our comprehensive toolkit included in the JDMIS Fashion Jewellery 100 course. This specially curated toolkit has everything you need, from essential tools to diverse materials, enabling you to create intricate and beautiful designs. It also includes step-by-step instructional booklets for each project, ensuring you always have guidance at your fingertips. Plus, we provide graded assignments for those seeking a diploma. With our toolkit, you are not just learning; you’re experiencing the joy of transforming your imaginative designs into stunning pieces of art.

What’s included?

1. Beadboard: A 34-inch beadboard used for planning the best design combinations.
2. Side Cutter: Used for cutting wires, head and eye pins.
3. Round Nose Plier: Useful for creating the perfect loops in wirework designs.
4. Chain Nose Plier: Ideal for gripping and manipulating wires or other small components.
5. Stringing Tweezer: A specialized tool for working with soft threads.
6. Regular Tweezer: Used for picking up and shifting small beads and materials.
7. Chain Mail Pick: Helpful when doing chain mail projects for alignment of rings.
8. Small Chain Mail Ring: A specialised tool to open perfectly close chainmailled rings
9. Scissors: For cutting the soft threads
10. A scoop for fast collection of small beads

1. Different types of wires: Needed for several jewellery-making tasks and to get acquainted with different thicknesses and qualities of wires.
2. Beads: Various bead types from natural materials to glass to crystals.
3. Clasps: To secure the ends of your jewellery pieces together.
4. Crimps: Small metal pieces that are used to secure connections to the clasps.
5. Wire Guardians: These provide a professional finish to your jewellery piece.
6. Soft Strings: For projects that require knotting beads.

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