NM100 New Metals Toolkit


Introducing the New Metals NM100 Toolkit, a comprehensive collection of essential tools and materials for your New Metals Technologies 100 Certificate Course, designed to support your journey into the world of contemporary metal jewellery creation. This kit has been meticulously curated to provide you with all the necessary components for creating stunning and intricate metal pieces with great ease.

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What’s included?


1. Rolling and Measuring:
– Work surface sheet with a grid for accurate cutting and measurement
– Baking paper for rolling clay without sticking

2. Support and Firing:
– Rubber block for supporting work when filing or brushing
– Stainless steel rack for gas stove firing
– Protective box (made by bending provided flat metal piece) to cover pieces during firing

3. Sizing and Shaping:
– Ring sizer with various sizes for comfortable fitting
– Slats for rolling clay:
– 1 mm thickness slat
– 1.5 mm thickness slat
– 2 mm thickness slat
– Ring mandrels (split into two parts for convenience):
– Thinner mandrel for smaller sizes (ladies)
– Thicker mandrel for larger sizes (men)

4. Filing and Finishing:
– A set of files with different shapes (flat, triangular, square, half-round, round)
– Course file with a flat and half-round surface
– Steel brush for cleaning and polishing fired silver
– Burnisher made of stainless steel for burnish silver
– Small paint brush for moistening and smoothing the clay surface
– Tweezer for handling small or hot items

5. Cutting and Texturing:
– Craft knife with replaceable blades and safety cap

6. Smoothing and Polishing:
– Sand sponges with a soft backing for sanding to smooth surface
– Coarse (red)
– Less coarse (blue)
– Fine for finishing (green)
– Sandpaper for flat surfaces

7. NM100 Workbook with course information, project reference and templates

8. JDMIS carrier bag


1. Wood Clay:
– Soft, malleable material that melts at a low temperature for creating hollow metal items

2. Antique Effect:
– Liver of sulfur liquid for blackening silver to give an antiqued effect

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