JD200 Jewellery Design Toolkits


The JD200 Course Kit is meant to go together with the Classical Jewellery Design 200 online course, which will introduce exciting additional tools into your existing personal line-up from Classical Jewellery Design 100 toolkit.

Prepare yourself for a special treat: a brand new course kit awaits you! This includes three fresh templates (two of which are designed exclusively for jewellery), an erasing shield, a white pigment pen, various types of paper, and all the course materials you’ll need. And here’s a pro tip: bring along your tools and materials from the JD100 course to complement your new JD200 toolkit. It’s all about making your learning journey as seamless and enjoyable as possible!

The essential materials and possible substitutes (in case you cannot find the same tool/material) are discussed in the course introductory lessons, so as to help give you an idea of what you need to prepare in order to participate in this course effectively.

Preview video by instructor, Tanja Sadow:

What’s inside?

  • – A White Pen
  • – An Erasing Shield
  • – Oval template
  • – Specialized Jewellery Template (French Curve/Perspective View)
  • – Specialized Jewellery Template (Diamond Setting)
  • – 25gm Tracing paper
  • – Presentation Display book, 10 pockets
  • – A5 White Paper

Additional points to remember for these new tools:
• The erasing shield is used in conjunction with the hard eraser but NEVER with the Kneadable eraser
• The erasing shield allows removal of very small inaccuracies from hard to reach places
without damaging the remaining design
• The Specialized Jewellery Templates, as their name suggests, are highly specific to Jewellery
Designers; nevertheless in the same manner as the previous templates, the 2H pencil lead
must also be held absolutely perpendicular to the template edges.

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