MS100 Metalsmithing Toolkits


Start your journey towards mastering the art of Metalsmithing with our comprehensive toolkit, an integral part of the JDMIS Metalsmithing Jewellery Course. Our meticulously assembled toolkit comprises everything you need to bring your unique designs to life – from essential tools to diverse materials. The kit is designed to facilitate the creation of intricate and breathtaking metal pieces, featuring an array of tools such as safety glasses, a torch, ceramic brick, tweezers, a hammer, punch, and files. It also includes a range of polishing compounds and solders to provide the perfect finishing touch to your creations.

Preview video by instructor Tanja Sadow:

What’s included?

  1. Tools:
  2. – MS100 Workbook with course information, project reference and templates.
  3. – JDMIS carrier bag.
  4. – Safety Glasses: For eye protection during work.
  5. – Butane-hand Torch: Perfect for working with silver and copper, useful for beginners.
  6. – Butane: Used as fuel for the torch.
  7. – Ceramic Brick: A special brick that doesn’t let heat pass through, used as a base for torch work.
  8. – Cross Locking Tweezer: with wooden handles, used for working with hot metals
  9. – Titanium Pick: Used for soldering, takes high heat well and doesn’t stick to the solder.
  10. – Fine-point Tweezer: Used for picking up small items like solder pellets.
  11. – Hammer: A chaser hammer with a flat surface and ball end for texturing and shaping.
  12. – Punch: A tool with a sharp tip made of steel, used for making divots before drilling holes.
  13. – Bench pin:: with attachment for any table.
  14. – One large file: a heavy-duty file for removing metal fast with a file handle.
  15. – Needle files: 10 smaller files of different shapes for finer work.
  16. – Saw Frame: Used with saw blades for cutting metal.
  17. – Saw Blades: Used with the saw frame, comes in two sizes
  18. – Burlife: A special material like wax, used with saw blades, drill bits and diamonds encrusted shanks.
  19. – Steel Ruler: Used for accurate measurements, with both inches and millimeters.
  20. – Brass Brush: Used for cleaning materials after pickling.
  21. – Ring Clamp: Useful for holding small items or pieces of metal during filing or sawings.
  22. – Plier: A special plier with a rounded and flat surface, used for turning wires and forming and shaping metals.
  23. – Drill Bits: different sizes, ranging from one to two millimeters.
  24. – Plastic Containers: For storing solders.
  25. – Bench Grinder: with flex shaft, handpiece and different types of drilling with foot pedal and various attachments for grinding and polishing.
  26. – Polishing Compounds: Three types (red, green, white) used for polishing finished pieces.
  27. – Various Accessories: Including felt tips, silicon tips, diamond-encrusted shanks, and wheels used with the bench grinder.(80 pieces)
  28. – Flux brush
  29. – Boric Acid: Used as flux for soldering, comes in powdered form.
  30. – Container for liquid flux.
  31. – Sand paper: A4, 320 grit
  32. Materials:
  33. – Copper sheet: 18ga, 6x12cm
  34. – Copper wire: 12ga, 24 inches
  35. – Copper wire: 16ga, 24 inches
  36. – Silver Sheet: 18ga, 1×2.5cm
  37. – Silver wire: 12ga, 2 inches x 2 pieces
  38. – Solder: Three types – hard, medium, and easy solders.

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