FJ200 Fashion Jewellery Toolkit


This FJ200 Course Kit is meant to go together with the Fashion Jewellery 200 (FJ200) online course, which will introduce exciting additional tools into your existing personal line-up from Fashion Jewellery 100 toolkit. This specially curated toolkit has everything you need, from essential tools to diverse materials, enabling you to create intricate and beautiful designs. It also includes step-by-step instructional booklets for each project, ensuring you always have guidance at your fingertips. Plus, we provide graded assignments for those seeking a diploma. With our toolkit, you are not just learning; you’re experiencing the joy of transforming your imaginative designs into stunning pieces of art.

Here’s a pro tip: bring along your tools and materials from the FJ100 course to complement your new Fj200 toolkit. It’s all about making your learning journey as seamless and enjoyable as possible! The essential materials and possible substitutes (in case you cannot find the same tool/material) are discussed in the course introductory lessons, so as to help give you an idea of what you need to prepare in order to participate in this course effectively.

What’s inside?

1. Small board (for project layout)
2. Scoop (for handling smaller beads)
3. Bead Stoppers (both large and small)
4. Reamer (useful for enlarging bead holes or smoothing edges)

1. Assorted beads
A diverse selection of beads in various sizes, colours, and materials, including glass pearls, round glass beads, faceted glass strands, and natural mineral chips. These are provided in mixed packets to offer a wide range of creative possibilities.
2. Variety of clasps
An array of clasps to suit different design needs, including toggle and magnetic styles. These clasps ensure both functionality and aesthetic appeal in your jewellery creations.
3. Findings
A comprehensive assortment of findings such as crimps, spring rings, headpins, and earwires. These essential components will assist you in assembling and finishing your jewellery projects with professionalism.
4. Threads and wires
A selection of threads and wires in various thicknesses and lengths, including beadwires of different gauges and soft wires for intricate work. This collection also includes rattail thread for projects that require knotting, offering both versatility and quality in your craftsmanship.
5. Step-by-step printed project booklets
201 Project x 1
202 Project x 1
203 Project x 1
204 Project x 1 

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