GT100 Gemmology Toolkits


The JDMIS Exclusive Course Kit contains the tools and materials needed for you to go through the GT100 – Gem & Jewellery Trade Secrets course effectively. This is the same kit that our students receive when they attend class in person at JDMIS. As a participant of this online course, you have the fuss-free option of purchasing this Course Kit online, and have it delivered so that you’ll also have all the drawing materials needed to complete your coursework. Alternatively, you may also choose to source for the required tools and materials yourself.
The essential materials and possible substitutes (in case you cannot find the same tool/material) are discussed in the course introductory lessons, so as to help give you an idea of what you need to prepare in order to participate in this course effectively.

Preview video by instructor Tanja Sadow:

What’s inside?

– All printed coloured handsout so you can easily follow along and take notes
– 10 power Loop with two different light sources (white light and UV light)
– Tweezer with serrated edges
– Gem cloth for cleaning gemstones
– Pen light with rechargeable battery and three different light sources (white light, incandescent light, and UV long wave light)
– Charger for the pen light battery (USB compatible)
– Packet of practice gemstones for learning how to pick them up with the tweezer

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