GT100 – Professional Certificate in Gem and Jewellery Trade Secrets

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Discover the secrets of the jewellery trade: Learn gem origins & trade practices; handle an array of popular & lesser known gems available in today’s markets. Understand valuation & comprehend the breath of this topic.

Start your journey at the source of gemmology: learn about gemstone origins, see how gems are mined and how these extraordinarily valuable minerals get to market. Learn about gemmology quality and value factors for all types of gems, from Diamonds to Coloured Stones, Phenomenal gems, Organics to Jade.

This comprehensive course gives you the knowledge and power to take control of your gem purchases (if you are a collector or enthusiast) or your sales process (if you are a designer or jewellery professional). Beyond the common trade practices, you will see and learn about imitations, synthetics and treatments sometimes used to enhance or even to deceive.

What you’ll get:

  • 24 hours of HD video content with life-time access.
  • Dedicated support via email and Facebook group with the expert instructor.
  • Online Quizzes for every topic to ensure you master the materials.
  • Professional Certificate awarded by JDMIS upon completion.

Satisfaction guaranteed: If you feel you have purchased the course by mistake or you are not happy for whichever reasons, we will provide a full refund (except for any course materials purchased from us), when you send in the request within 30 days from the date of purchase.

Course instructor

Tanja is an award winning jewellery designer with more than 4 decades of experience educating the jewellery industry across 4 continents. Dean and founder of JDMIS, Tanja works with aspiring artisans as well as top jewellery brand team members to help them achieve brilliance in their careers. Read More

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Course materials

Picture of Gemmology course at JDMIS Tools and booklets for learningStudents of this online course can choose to buy the materials themselves or buy the whole set from us.

This is the same kit that our students receive when they attend class in person at JDMIS. As a participant of this online design course, you have the fuss-free option of purchasing this Course Kit online, and have it delivered so that you’ll also have all the materials needed to complete your coursework. Alternatively, you may also choose to source for the required tools and materials yourself. Click here to view the Coure


Professional certification

This online programme is adapted from JDMIS’ most popular on-campus Certificate Course, Gems & Jewellery Trade Secrets 100. It covers the same topics and confer the same Professional Certification as the one in class (after successfully completing the final test). Graduates of this course can also choose to continue complete Level 2 GT200 – Gem Identification Methods or purse Diploma in Fine Jewellery Design or Diploma in Precious Metals Arts with JDMIS.

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    Topics covered:

    Assortment of fancy coloured gems and diamonds - cover image for JDMIS Gemmology


    Content Duration: 3 hours 15 mins

    Picture of fancy looking diamonds - cover image for JDMIS' gemmology lesson


    Content Duration: 3 hours 45 mins

    Picture of multiple pearl necklaces of different colours laying flat on a white background - JDMIS gemmology cover image


    Content Duration: 5 hours

    Picture of various types of gemstones with different shapes and colour - Phenomenoal gem cover image


    Content Duration: 2 hours 20 mins

    Picture of a stunning green colour jade bracelet - gemmology course cover image

    GT100 MODULE 5: JADE

    Content Duration: 2 hours

    Picture of various types of organic gemstones - gemmology course cover image


    Content Duration: 3 hours

    Picture of all kind of gems of different colours - gemmology course cover image


    Content Duration: 2 hours and 10 mins


    Frequently asked questions

    How long does it take to complete the course?
    The course consists of 24 hours of HD videos and one to two graded assignments for each Module. It usually take up to 5-10 days of intensive learning or longer depending on your self-study pace.

    When is the start date?
    The course itself is asynchronous (self-paced) course. Upon successfully completing all the topics and assignments (graded with detailed feedback by Tanja), you will receive a Professional Certification in Gems & Jewellery Trade Secrets 100.

    Is the Certification recognised?
    The JDMIS curriculum was designed with input from the jewellery industry, and heeded the call for the programmes to be relevant to today’s
    creative world. In Singapore and abroad, organisations such as Tiffany & Co, Cartier, Harry Winston, BP DeSilva Group, Louis Vuitton as well as gemstone manufacturers like Swarovski and Signity value our training curriculum and send their staff for training. International firms such as these and many local jewellery businesses employ JDMIS students in various capacities.The school is registered and recognised as a Private Educational Institution in Singapore, and its courses are recognized by local authorities for employee development within the jewellery industry. JDMIS has established pathways to degree programmes at Birmingham City University and the University of Sunderland. ie: Courses are recognised for academic and vocational study

    What are the career opportunities for me after graduating from the course?
    Like any other creative industry, the jewellery industry is one in which individuals can create their own unique opportunities. Job categories include: jewellery artist, jewellery retail specialist, jewellery marketing professional, jewellery management professional, educator or even an entrepreneur in the jewellery industry.

    What is the entry requirement?
    The course is completely beginner friendly with no special entry requirements except that learners need to have proficient ability in listening and comprehending English as the teaching medium.

    For any other queries, kindly contact the Support Team at [email protected]. Our working hours are from 10am to 7pm Singapore Time, every day except Friday and Public Holidays.


    11 reviews for GT100 – Professional Certificate in Gem and Jewellery Trade Secrets

    1. Mark M.

      Absolutely fascinating, makes me want to know more about gemology.

    2. Hanna M.

      Very informative and interesting if you are a gem enthusiast.

    3. Fran Del S.

      Very good introduction, thank you!

    4. Ornella S.

      Thanks!! It is a very interesting short course. I hope that the teacher will pubblish another one to study in deep!

    5. Mary M.

      The presentation is very clear and easy to understand.

    6. Raymond K.

      Overall, the course was very well planned, course materials were excellent and the instructor was marvellous. I cannot think of a single complaint and I would highly recommend this course to friends who would be interested to know more about the Jewellery and Gem trade. Keep up the good work!

    7. Eva W.

      The curriculum is more than what I expected. I felt engaged throughout the 5 days of lessons. Tanja brought so much industry experience to share. I would recommend this course to all gemstone lovers and those who appreciate the beauty of nature.

    8. Faizal S.

      Loving the gem course and Tanja is always very informative… It’s engaging and full of new information.

    9. Eileen L.

      Love the history, story and trade sharing by Tanja… Very insightful learning!

    10. Mohamed N.

      As a gem dealer, this (course) was brilliant.

    11. Joanne O.

      Highly recommended! It’s good to have time set aside in the week to properly digest the videos. It contains the broadest scope of coverage – appropriate given the current consumer interest.

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