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Fashion jewellery is an exciting and fun world that anyone can explore, with distinct differences from fine and costume jewellery. It is made with high-quality materials and gems, but is less expensive than fine jewellery, and can still be made using professional techniques without glue burning and is affordable. Consumers can enjoy the thrill of discovering unique pieces that reflect their personal style and taste. This lesson showcases various jewellery techniques that can be combined to create elaborate designs.

Tanja will also introduce the tools and materials used in this program, which involves making necklaces and other creations. She will provide tips on buying and using tools for jewellery making, such as checking special features and ensuring that tools are of high quality. The material kits include beads of different types, clasps, crimps, wire guardians, and the right types of wires and threads for completing projects.

The digital version of the handout for this Module is available for download in the Materials tab above.

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