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I hope you’ve found this foundational course not only enjoyable but also instrumental in kicking off your journey into jewellery-making. As you delve deeper and conquer more advanced techniques, you’ll be able to add a broader range of styles and finesse to your creations. The key to crafting increasingly valuable jewellery in less time lies in refining both your skills and artistic vision.

– Warm Regards, Tanja Sadow

Your path towards a rewarding and prosperous career in jewellery is just around the corner…

Fashion jewellery showcases from JDMIS alumni

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The quickest way to create high-quality, trendy jewellery is by mastering the art of selecting the right materials and pre-fabricated components, coupled with professional assembly techniques.

Our FJ100 – Professional Certificate in Creative and Essential Fashion Jewellery Knowledge serves as a cornerstone for JDMIS’ professional jewellery courses. This course, refined over decades and shaped by thousands of students, provides the most comprehensive and formal training available in the Fashion Jewellery Arts anywhere.

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