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Watch The Webinar

Please find below the HD-quality recorded webinar by Alex Zupancich and Tanja Sadow.

Key timeline: 

00:00-02:45: Why jewellery by Alex  

02:46-04:05: About JDMIS’ Jewellery Curriculum  

04:00-04:15: Students’ testimonial 1  

04:22-06:25: Classical Design 1 Online by Tanja  

06:25-06:46: Students’ testimonial 2 

Classical Design 100 (Online)

A Solid Foundation

Stand out In The Industry

Modular & Convenient

Tanja jewellery tips preview


The Jewellery Design and Management International School (JDMIS) offers internationally recognized professional certifications, diplomas and advanced diplomas in jewellery design, fabrication and business

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