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Classical Jewellery Design 1 is JDMIS' flagship Certificate, taken by the majority of JDMIS' 4,500 global graduates

JDMIS is is a brilliant institute for someone looking out to pursue their career in gems and jewellery. The course that I did (Jewellery Design) is superb and very interesting!
Kasvi. T
Very clear step-by-step on the techniques and skills and lots of useful and revelant content.
Li Ling
Good teaching of techniques that enabled me to understand better how to be creative using tracing. Professional and up-to-date
Eileen K.
Sketching and tracing are fantastic for realising design ideas, the knowledge on setting and findings would be super helpful for general awareness.
Bonnie B.
Skills like technical drawing help me understand more about the design and making of a piece of jewellery, which I can in turn even use to help me better communicate with customers..
Kate L.
The skills will and can be applied for all purposes, training me on patience, accuracy and eye for details
Valarmathi P.