Professional Certificate: Classical Jewellery Design 1

100 SGD (≈750 USD)

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Solid Jewellery Foundation

Fun, therapeutic and beginner-friendly

Great design is the foundation of high-value jewellery. This course aims to give students the necessary foundations to develop aesthetic appreciation, high standards and skills in creative drawing and essential jewellery knowledge.

22 hours of HD content

Carefully filmed and edited to the highest quality , accompanied by 35 printable hand-outs

Expert Instructor

Taught by Tanja Sadow, Dean of JDMIS, with over 4 decades of training experience

Expert Feedback

The course includes real-time grading of assignments (worth S$200)

Modular Progression

5 Modules that can be purchased separately

Professional Certification

Learners can obtain an e-Certificate endorsed by JDMIS upon completing the course and final test.

100% Online!

Comprehensive Modular Learning

5 essential jewellery drawing topics refined over 3 decades of teaching and thousands of graduates

Module 1: Tracing and basic techniques
Module 2: Major forms
Module 3: Gemstone drawing
Module 4: Different setting styles
Module 5: Design principles and next steps

Start with Module 1

Take the first step as a jewellery designer by learning about jewellery terms, a designer's tools, and basic drawing techniques and methods of creative idea generation.

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jewellery design sketches

Expert Instructor

Tanja Sadow G.J.G.,  is an award winning jewellery designer with more than 4 decades of experience educating the jewellery industry across 4 continents. Dean and founder of JDMIS, Tanja works with aspiring artisans as well as top jewellery brand team members to help them achieve brilliance in their careers. Read more

Professional Certificate

This online programme is adapted from JDMIS’ most popular Certificate Course, Classical Jewellery Design 1 – Creative Drawing and Essential Jewellery Knowledge. It will cover the same topics and confer the same Professional Certification as the one in class (after successfully completing the final test).

JD100 classical design Certificate

Meet Our Alumni

Yasuyo Ayukawa

After leaving her investment banking career for good, Yasuyo rekindled a long-forgotten interest during her university days into a full-on career. Graduating from JDMIS’ Fine Jewellery Design and seven years into her jewellery career, Yasuyo’s brand, Ayu Pearl, has expanded steadily. Her focus on pearl jewellery has garnered a large fan base and returning customers, with her business doubling every year! 

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Ernest Yeo

From a life of monotonous work shifts amongst machines to erratic hours with shimmery gemstones, Ernest Yeo took a leap of faith from being a broadcast engineer to being a jewellery designer. One might wonder how he could change to such a different industry, but jewellery was not new to him: at a young age he was always captivated with anything that sparkled and glittered.  

After graduating from JDMIS, Ernest founded his own jewellery brand and later worked for one of the most well-known global luxury brand in Singapore.

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Hear from our students

Bonnie B
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Sketching and tracing are fantastic for realising design ideas, the knowledge on setting and findings would be super helpful for general awareness.
Kasvi T.
Read More
JDMIS is is a brilliant institute for someone looking out to pursue their career in gems and jewellery. The course that I did (Jewellery Design) is superb and very interesting!
Li Ling
Read More
Very clear step-by-step on the techniques and skills and lots of useful and revelant content.
Eilieen K.
Read More
Good teaching of techniques that enabled me to understand better how to be creative using tracing. Professional and up-to-date
Valarmathi P.
Read More
The skills will and can be applied for all purposes, training me on patience, accuracy and eye for details


The Jewellery Design and Management International School (JDMIS) is the only educational institution in Singapore to focus exclusively on the jewellery arts and the largest specialized jewellery school in South-East Asia.

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This online certification course is $950 SGD (appx 700 USD). You can also purchase and unlock each of the 5 Modules as you go. Start with Module 1: Basic drawing and tracing, at only 150 SGD (110 USD)

This course includes 22 hours of HD video content, 35 hand-outs and assignment grading/ comments from the instructor. 

The course tools & materials are not included, but can easily be bought by yourself or you can purchase the entire toolkit directly from JDMIS. For details please click here.

Participant who completes all 5 modules as well as passes the final assessment will receive an official e-Certificate in Classical Jewellery Design 1 from JDMIS, well-recognised by the Jewellery Industry in Singapore and international.

This course is completely beginner-friendly and teaches you from the most basic to advanced creative and drawing techniques. Participants, however, will need working/professional level of English in order to follow the medium of teaching.

The best jewellery artists often need good training in traditional jewellery design, and find they use them personally and professionally throughout their career. Having a strong foundation in classical jewellery design not only provides the confidence to secure a full-time career as a jewellery designer, but aso to take part in competition or  further learning in Digital Jewellery Design (CAD) or Jewellery Diploma/Degree Programmes.