Introduction & Digital Handout (50 mins)

Welcome! Let’s go deeper into the world of metalsmithing with Metal Smithing 200, building on the foundations laid in Metal Smithing 100. Tanja introduces an array of essential tools and equipment, ensuring students are well-equipped to bring their intricate designs to life from the comfort of their homes. From the wire gauge for measuring metal thickness to the practicality of the metal divider for precision in design, each tool is explored for its unique contribution to the jewellery-making process. The lesson seamlessly transitions into exploring materials and projects, where students are encouraged to apply their newfound skills across four captivating projects, ranging from creating pedestal prongs with silver wire to mastering cold connections for dynamic jewellery pieces. This comprehensive session not only enhances technical skills but also fosters creativity, preparing students to tackle more complex challenges and expand their jewellery-making repertoire.

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