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Before you go, we are having a number of early-bird offers for JDMIS’ high-demand Certificate Programmes. These intensive part-time 5-week online programmes will enable you to be confident in a professsional jewellery making path of your choice.

These certificate programmes are designed for fast and convenient learning, furnished with 20-30 hours of HD-quality lesson recording supported with a series of live review webinars with expert instructors, small group size, group chat suppport… ensure that you can learn at your own pace and still be certified and confident in 4-6 weeks!

The 3 Choices of Professional Certificate:

Traditional Metalsmithing

In Metalsmithing, the artist hones his or her confidence and mastery working with metals by piercing, drilling, forging, fusing, applying textures and rolling sheet to custom thicknesses with the various tools and specialized machinery in class. If you like tools this is the place to be to enjoy learning how to get the best results for your creative ideas.

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Stunning metal clay samples on a table

New Metals Technologies

Also known as Metal Clay, this path makes extensive use of powdered metals which are very beginner-friendly and flexible. Once students become familiar with how to transform the clay into solid shiny metal pieces, there is no limit to creativity.

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Stunning piece of necklace made with a black oyster

Fashion Jewellery Arts

Looking to turn your passion for fashion and jewellery into a profitable and enjoyable skill or even business in matter of months? The fastest way to creating high quality, fashionable jewellery is by knowing what materials and pre-fabricated components to select and how to assemble them professionally.

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