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Thank you for registering for JDMIS’ webinar. Your keen interest to explore further the world of jewellery is well-noted. If you are are serious about taking the first step in building a foundation for your jewellery career, we have a one-time offer to help you jumpstart your journey even further.

JDMIS’ Gems and Pearl eLearning has an original price of $80 but it is an investment that’s worth many times over. At the end of these 2 short and fact-filled courses, you will gain much more confidence, for your next jewellery shopping trip, in the understanding the properties and classification of coloured gemstones.  Understand how we can use the 4Cs: Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat Weight to gauge the value of most coloured gems and diamonds in the market. You will the extend your knowledge into the most popular of organic gems: pearls and will learn about the different types of pearls, their characteristics, value factors and common immitations.

Originally made as a webinar , it has been watched by thousands of gems and jewellery enthusiasts with raving reviews!  It is then converted into a comprehensive HD-quality online learning programmes are accessible and fun – structured in a short, micro-learning format that you can jump into any time and easily return to for future reference. Knowledge of Gemmology and the latest trade practices is essential for every aspiring jewellery artist and entrepreneur. Not only can you make better-informed decisions but also avoid overpaying when purchasing various gemstones.

So for a limited time, we will give away this eLearning programme at 60% OFF to JDMIS’s webinar registrants. To claim this one-time offer, simply add this product to cart and check out!

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What you will learn


Classifications and Value Factors of Gems

Learn all about the the 4 Cs: colour, cut, clarity and carat weight which affect the values of different gems in the market.

The Value Factors of Diamonds

Colourless diamonds are perhaps the most popular gemstone – learn how the 4Cs apply specifically to this unique & popular gem.

Pearls Classification and Tips

Tanja gives her insights about this treasure from the sea: classifications, cultivation processes & tips and tricks to spot imitations.

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16 reviews for Before you go: One-time Offer For Gemmology Essentials eLearning

  1. Darlene Peterson

    I’m very new to this subject, I’m hoping it will help me out with my jewelry design hobby, and so far it’s giving me great advice!!! Thank you!

  2. Jatinder Sharma

    It’s excellent knowlege!

  3. Stephanie Stewart

    She’s to the point and clear

  4. Jatinder Sharma

    It’s excellent Knowlege

  5. Thant Zin Ko

    thanks for sharing.

  6. Alejandra Guarin Zapata

    I’ts a good introductory course for gemology

  7. Kenza AIT MOUFFOK

    interesting information! thank you

  8. Ayoub Ait youssef


  9. Ramita Sanguandisakul

    I love this course so much, so easy to understand.

  10. Weiner Rochelle

    This is a perfect match for me as I am into making jewelry

  11. Sunil U Thakur

    Very basic but still very interesting.

  12. Susan Brunlinger

    Informative. Well presented.

  13. Françoise Del Socorro

    Very good introduction, thank you !

  14. Hannah Merritt

    Very informative and interesting if you are a gem enthusiast

  15. Satish Korabu

    Good basic knowledge for beginners in this field.


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